Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ignorance Avenue

The Uneducated are looked upon with great pity by society and what good reason they have.

No Doors of opportunity are opened as they wander past. On the contrary, doors are slammed shut and heavily barricaded against their bruised hands and outstretched arms and pleading eyes. Today's hard struggle is tomorrow's unavoidable litany. Listlessly they venture, finding refuge and comfort in morbid thoughts.

Though some give up and continue on their way without complaint, many others relentlessly restart the process with the diminishing hope they have left inside. And sometimes the odd tom somehow succeeds, but for the most part they remain and perish in the hopeless state of living that they have come to call life.

Yet rejoice not all you who claim intelligence as your own. Your fancy night masks not only blind you from your partner's reading bed-side lamp, but also from the reality that lies beyond your white picket-fence. What you've been taught by those around you - by the equally blinded eyes of those who live like you - offers you very little difference.

You know nothing of the feeling of humiliation one experiences when begging, or how much a sincere plea costs the heart. And it isn't cold you feel when you walk out of your house in grand , thick coats in the heart of winter.

So don't be fooled by the mist that covers this place; ideas of paradise from your mind erase. No matter what road you tread, on the same path you will remain.
To your left hardship and strain dominate, and though the right looks promising and is travelled with ease, it really has nothing of substance to give.

Whichever way you look at it: Ignorance is a two-way street.


  1. Well done, Aurora!

    Keep it up. Like any skill. writing improves with practice although it looks as though you are already starting from quite a high peak.

    A blog is an excellent way to achieve this. You can experiment, get the feedback (mine from, you; was,, critcism' of "my punctuation, I shan't forget that!) but an honest critique does us the world of good so do not feel bad if it happens Rather welcome it, examine it, adapt if it was relevant and then get on with the next article.

    But remember, the best stuff comes from your heart, guts and soul so don't adapt to the perceived idea of what is creative writing, create your own style and hang the rest. Think of Hemmingway and other giants.

    Lastly, avoid cliches like the plague...



  2. Thank you ever so much Hippo:)

    I will indeed continue to read, write and take whatever constructive critism comes my way in a positive light.

    Also looking forward to reading more of your work...your personality always oozes so effortlessly into them-they're fun to read.

    Anyway keep well and many greetings to the rest of the fam:)