Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Spend some time in silence to think of this world,
of the greed of our leaders; hence:
the poverty and hunger of those around us
Take some time and listen to the stories of men and women
who've lived through war
Of families who travelled near and far seeking refuge and
who were relieved because one door was left ajar.
Take time to discover that images of death and decay
are not hard to find
And why the stench of rotting tissue or roasted meat will
haunt their nights forever
Take some time to reach into a child's soul for there you will
find a hidden dream, a goal...
For if children were rulers decisions would be made with ease.
If children ruled the world the most definite outcome would
be peace
You would know that there is no need to raise your voice

Spend a year in silence and you would better appreciate and
understand the sound of a whisper...
A hushed voice.

I don't remember what really inspired this poem at the time that i wrote it but I'm sure it speaks for itself coming from the mind of a 16 year old. Yes, perhaps a lot of the ideals outlined by this piece are naive but i stand by them even now. My main focus though is to make people realise that maybe we would appreciate each other a little more if the people around us were removed and we were forced to feel their absence.

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