Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Somewhere in the world a clock is ticking..."

I'm finding my feet.
No one ever said that getting up was easy - if it were, we'd be born with the ability to walk.
But we aren't. We have to acquire the knowledge, find the means - LEARN.
I'm lying on my belly with my legs fighting to make contact with the earth, my knees raw with the effort. My hands are palm down, growing ever stronger and more determined as I push up toward the sky.
In short I'm in phase 1: I'm learning to crawl.
There's always the frustration, the feeling that crushes any hope i have to keep going.
Sometimes it's just so much simpler tom roll over and play dead.
That's especially easy to do whan you alredy feel dead.
But I'm going to keep flexing my limbs and scraping the skin from the palms of my hands, beacause I'm on my way back up.
I'm moving on to phase 2 and all the way past the end because there is nothing left to do but rise.
I'm going to keep moving and clawing because i know one thing is true:

Somewhere in the world a clock is ticking...and when it begins to chime I'll know it's My time.

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